To The Boy Who Had My Young Heart

You were my first love, love in its innocent form You remind me of cotton candy swirl, of dragonflies, of airplanes made of paper. You were my first love, love that didn't require anything I loved you, and it did not matter if you loved me the same. You were my first love, and my … Continue reading To The Boy Who Had My Young Heart



Sometimes, the saddest stories are not the ones you read in a morning newspaper – telling someone’s dearest passed away. It’s not the different stories of brokenhearted girls – weeping about their failing relationship of two, four, eight years. It’s not the stories from array of books in a dusty corner written by sad authors. … Continue reading Wonderwall

There’s Good in Goodbye

“Goodbye” It almost came out as a coarse whisper and my mouth felt dry. It was as if my gut rose up to my throat after my difficult attempt to keep myself intact. We were face to face at arm-length distance; carefully balancing the situation, weighing what was the next thing to do after we … Continue reading There’s Good in Goodbye


Sana balang araw, ikaw naman ang tatawid sa tulay na pilit pinaghihiwalay ang ating mundo... Sana balang araw, matutunan mo ring buksan ang pintuan na pilit mong isinasarado sa isang taong nais pumasok dito... Sana balang araw, ikaw naman ang makikinig sa mga salitang hindi kailanman nabigyan ng pagkakataon na masambit man lang... Sana balang … Continue reading Sana…

Life, Sometimes.

According to a Japanese Proverb, if you fall seven times, stand up eight. But... According to my brilliant friend, if you fall seven times, stand up eight times. I wonder how anyone could do such. I can only think of something like a morning exercise. Push-up! Life can be funny sometimes. Don't take it seriously.😊😊😊😊

Urban Love

With you, I learned a lot of things that I find too many to recount. You taught me that there’s so much more to learn in this world, so much more to life outside the parameters of my comfort zone. You opened both my eyes to the many possibilities and sad realities which made me realize that I’m one lucky soul to be here. You taught me to look at life in the brighter side, no matter how hideous things were. You taught me lessons that will surely get me through my journey in life.