Change is essential to people. It’s part of the growing up process. We change as we grow, we grow as we change. And in life sometimes, we have to go through bittersweet changes to say we’ve grown a lot or a little.


There’s Good in Goodbye

β€œGoodbye” It almost came out as a coarse whisper and my mouth felt dry. It was as if my gut rose up to my throat after my difficult attempt to keep myself intact. We were face to face at arm-length distance; carefully balancing the situation, weighing what was the next thing to do after we … Continue reading There’s Good in Goodbye

Life, Sometimes.

According to a Japanese Proverb, if you fall seven times, stand up eight. But... According to my brilliant friend, if you fall seven times, stand up eight times. I wonder how anyone could do such. I can only think of something like a morning exercise. Push-up! Life can be funny sometimes. Don't take it seriously.😊😊😊😊

Hope Beyond Despair

There are moments in your life when things get too overwhelming and unbearable. Moments when things get so rough, leaving you sleepless at night. Moments that seem to shatter you, bits by bits. Moments of self-loathing and too much self-questioning. These are the moments of your life that make you question life itself and your … Continue reading Hope Beyond Despair

Auld Lang Syne

Yesterday, I lived a life chasing happiness Breaking free from the world, trying to escape Imprisoned in silence, I could not speak Nothing I can do but to accept defeat Yesterday, I walked on a colorful street Changed to a road full of deceit I looked at the blue sky up above Suddenly turned to … Continue reading Auld Lang Syne