Change is the only thing constantcliché. But all along, has proven its verity.

Change is essential to people.  It’s part of the growing up process. We change as we grow, we grow as we change. And in life sometimes, we have to go through bittersweet changes to say we’ve grown a lot or a little.

I grow up seeing through the inevitability of changes in people’s lives and things that revolve around them. I have seen people change as time passed by – how they look, how they act, how things in between became different.

I have seen in my life how changes slowly revealed both its essence and its ugly truth. There were changes that I was grateful for, and there were also changes that I had to painfully go through before I was able to accept it.

Changes, like seeing the people closest to my heart slowly moved away truly hurt. Like how I got used to being my aunts and uncles favorite niece, until they started having kids and family and they rarely notice me nowadays; how I watched a dear cousin cried when he found out that his family was breaking apart and his parents were not getting back together. And though it didn’t happen to me directly, I was so affected. Because it hurts to see the people you love go through such harsh changes, affecting their lives.

As I grow up, I grew apart from the people I thought I’m inseparable with. Like how I and my best friend since childhood grew distant. We were thick as thieves when we were younger. Until we study in two different Universities and met new friends, and she let go of what I thought was unbreakable friendship. And that hurt me a lot. It was even more painful than the first heartbreak I had, to be honest.

You know that I shed a lot of tears looking back in my life, and see how much things have changed and how many people I have lost – not in the literal sense. Sometimes, I still wish to go back to the old days, and have back the old people I once knew because I miss them so much. I went through a lot of kissing and mending my broken heart because of these changes. But I went through it somehow.

Things are completely different now, but I am learning to accept things as they are and what they are becoming. I have to embrace the changes in my life and changes around me. I need to grow; I have to grow. And for me to grow, I must allow and accept changes.

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