A Speck of Hue

image via tumblr.com

Dear Self,

I know how much you feel so small in this world made bigger by the judgmental society. I know how much you have been trying to appear gigantic just to let your voice be heard by the people who are all pretending to listen. Trust me, I know that for so many times, you wished to disappear and tried to erase yourself from the scene for ever, because it’s all too much for you to bear, and that none of your love or effort seems to matter.

But here’s something you should always and always remember:

Yes. You’re small. But you have a heart way bigger than this world. You’re small but you have big and towering dreams. Your voice may be too soft for them to hear now, soon or someday you will be heard. And it will be loud and echoing. Don’t stop loving and making things happen, because I assure you, in the end, it will pay off.

No matter how many times this world makes you feel so small, always remember that the picture will never ever be the same beautiful again, without you. You’re the speck of hue making it colorful, spectacular, and vibrant.

So smile now, little lady. Great adventures wait ahead. The best days are yet to come.


Melowin| Tiny Daffodil|Note to Self

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