Before It’s Too Late


How often do we confess feelings of love to the most important people in our lives? How often do we say “I love you” or in any ways, make them feel our love? How many of us has feelings of regret because they let the time elapsed before they were able to tell them loved ones how much they love them, until it’s too late.

We’re not given an infinity to live our lives here. And so is our chance to tell our loved ones how much we love them. We’re lucky if we get to live and be with them every single day, 24/7, under one roof, and at the circles of our dining tables.

I know that we all have our own ways of showing love. And that we are much contented just by acting out what we feel towards the people around us. But sometimes, feelings should also be verbalized. Not necessarily every day, but most especially at times when they need reassurance or when they need to feel that somebody loves them.

I know that sometimes, it feels awkward when you say “I love you”. Most especially if you’re not the showy type of person. Sometimes, we wait for special occasions before we could even say those words. Like Birthdays. But do we really have to wait for that moment, before we could even spit out those words? Sometimes, we’re too tongue-tied, feeling scared or feeling too conceited, so that it hinders us from telling people how much we love them.

It only takes a millisecond to say them how much we love them and a lifetime to regret when you find it is too late and that you let your chance pass you by.

We will never know when our clocks stop ticking. It might be too late for them to hear it or it might be too late for you to say it. Don’t waste your chance. Make a pause at whatever’s keeping you occupied at the moment. Tell your loved ones that you love them. If you’re a daughter or a son, tell your parents how much you love them. They might have been waiting for long years to hear those words from you. Tell the people you consider the most important in your life how much you love them. Tell them before it’s too late.

*sorry, medyo paulit-ulit. hehe 🙂

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