The other night, I had a very weird dream that I kept on thinking the whole day, the next morning. In my dream, I saw three nests full of eggs. The first and third nests were full of newly laid eggs, while on the second one, the eggs were broken and rotten.

I was wondering what was that dream about. For me, it was completely nonsense; since I can’t think of anything that egg symbolizes or anything at the moment that connects my life to that dream.

But as I was curious and I can’t really take it out of my mind, I consulted my friend Google. I searched for Dream Interpretation/Symbolism for Eggs. And after having the results, I found myself crying. I cried because that dream has to be the sign I had been waiting for.

Here are the Google results:





I clicked on every result Google showed me, and all of it were showing the same interpretations.

My seemingly nonsense dream turned out to be so meaningful, after reading the interpretations.

I cried because it was so relevant to my life at present; to what I want to happen.

My 2015 didn’t turn out to be so good as what I expected. I set goals/plans which I frustratingly didn’t achieve because I lacked determination. I had high expectations but didn’t work hard for it, that I ended up failing.

So this year, I’m setting goals again. But this time, I’m more determined to have them achieved. I will thrive harder in order to see myself at the end of this year and the next years be the person I wanted to be.

Thanks to that dream. It was such a beautiful reminder of my goals. It was a wake-up call.


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