Of Losing A Pet

My cat, Vodka, just died today. I found her stiff cold body lying under my bed when I came home this afternoon. He got ill from something he has eaten. It was probably a poisoned field rat, as what my father told me, since the rice planting season had just started and so farmers set some poison trap for rats.

Our house is located near the rice field, and there had been a possibility that my pet strayed there. Unfortunately, he fell prey to this trap, though not directly.

It may appear so absurd, but the death of my cat really affects me. I still feel my heart heavy, thinking that my cat is gone. People might say “It’s just a cat” but no;it was not just a cat or a pet. It had been a little furry friend who welcomes me with a snug every time I come home stress and tired. People will not understand how it feels.But for some who consider them as more than pets, but their friend or like a member of the family, they will understand the grief of losing them.


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