Aspiration and Frustration

I just got home from school, and I’m so dang tired. I was sleepless last night since I went to bed late and I was not able to fall into deep slumber immediately because of colds and cough. It made me restless during the night.

Despite being restless last night, I was still able to begin my day positively, today. I tried not to get late in my morning class ( since I almost always get late in my morning class last semester).

This semester, I enrolled four subjects in total. Three subjects for my Saturday class and one subject for Sunday. My saturday class starts at 8 a.m and my last subject ends 7 in the evening. It is truly exhausting to spend almost half a day in school, but this is for a goal. My real goal for the moment.

This is my third semester taking up Master of Arts in Psychology. And according to our curriculum checklist, I still have two remaining subjects before I could take Comprehensive Examination and Thesis Writing course. And hopefully, I will graduate next school year.

Sometimes, I feel like giving up. Thinking that maybe, these things will not be worth it after all. I can’t avoid this way of thinking especially that some people close to me have to compare me with friends during college or people my age who already have jobs and earning from their salary. I don’t understand why they have to compare me with them. I mean, I have my own dreams and goals, and this is my way of achieving it. I can’t help but be affected and discouraged sometimes. But I’m trying to be firm and focus on my goals. At the end of the day, I still want to pursue what I’ve started. I’ve already gone this far, and I’m almost there. And I won’t back out. Not now.Never.


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