Auld Lang Syne

Blue sky and a bug.
Blue sky and a bug.

Yesterday, I lived a life chasing happiness

Breaking free from the world, trying to escape

Imprisoned in silence, I could not speak

Nothing I can do but to accept defeat

Yesterday, I walked on a colorful street

Changed to a road full of deceit

I looked at the blue sky up above

Suddenly turned to sky of dark clouds

I am dazzled by the shadows of yesterday

I no longer see myriad of colors, only shade of gray

Still I went on, though I could not see

Until I had fallen to an abyss, eternally

I closed my eyes and begin to surrender

Helpless, stranded, stuck here forever

Until someone came and reached for my hands

Gripped me with hope, ’til I can stand

Looking back now, I took a sweet smile

Yesterday had passed, it is over now

Gone are the dark clouds, leaving a blue sky

Finally, I’m free to soar up high


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