Silent War

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I have already heard stories about war, happened many years ago. It was horrible. A lot of people suffered and died. Died – a physical death. There were some who fortunately survived. But nothing could be worse than to suffer and die; not from physical death but of depression and to die of famine – a severe hunger of all the goodness in this world.

I have never witness a war. But I know how it feels to be in a war. It was as horrible as the stories we have seen on television, stories we have read in books, stories we have heard from people. It is a war I have been on. It is a war still going on, in my mind. It is a war that does not seem to end.

I have been waiting for a ceasefire declaration, because I am already running out of cannonballs to fire. I do not wear a bulletproof vest. I am not invincible. I am running down low, feeling my self being rip apart.

But I was born a warrior and I am on this war for a purpose. A warrior does not back out and cower. This war will be over, someday or soon. And it is a promise to myself; I will get out of this. I will survive!


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