Love Drunk.

Love Drunk

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I have learned that, you don’t only get drunk from drinking alcohol. You could also get drunk loving a person too much. It is the kind of drunk you will never get sober from.  When it’s finally over, it gives you hangover – not a throb you feel in your temple, but a pain that burns a hole in your chest. It’s a kind of hangover that doesn’t fade when you slug a dose of aspirin; it’s a hangover that goes on forever.


4 thoughts on “Love Drunk.

      1. Yes, it did. Sometimes it’s hard to describe feelings, and I’ve been a bit confused lately. I think when you’re more aware of how you feel, it’s easier to change it. At least for while 🙂 And thank you btw, *gives you a hug through my words*, somehow… Hahah. Keep on the good writing! It’s more meaningful than you think, even if it doesn’t feel like that sometimes. Sending you good vibes. ❤

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